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Don’t worry you can always email us instead. Whether you’re having trouble uploading an image or selecting an image from the Design Library, simply email us the Order Form below.

Please copy and paste the Order Form below into an email and fill in your details. Please only make one selection from each product option. If you want to use your own image, please attach that image to the same email and then send it on to us at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk

If there are any issues with your order form or image, we will get in touch ASAP. If you wish to amend your order after sending the email, please get in touch ASAP as production can sometimes begin as soon as we receive your order.

Order Form:


I would like to place my order via email. Please see below for my personal details, window measurements and product option choices.

I have either attached my own image to this email, or filled in the name of a Design Library image below.

Design Library Image: (If you want to order an image from the Design Library, please enter the details here, otherwise please ignore this part of the form. If you want to use your own image, please attach it to this email.)

Design Library Image Name (e.g. 42nd Street New York):

Product Options (Please choose one from each row; delete as appropriate. Please refer to our Tips & Advice section for help with these options)




Window Fit:



Control Placement:




Window Measurements (Please refer to our window measuring guide in Tips & Advice for help. The Width must be between 300mm and 2160mm. The Drop must be between 300mm and 2760mm.)

Width (mm):

Drop (mm):

Personal Details


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Preferred Method of Contact (Phone or Email):

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