Care Advice for Your Blinds

care_adviceLightly dusting your printed photo blinds should not cause any issues, but when there are localised areas of dirt, it is advisable to sponge the fabric clean with a very lightly damp cloth. Never use detergents on your printed blinds as these can damage the printed image, and only rub the blinds very gently.

Our “Regular” blind material is high-quality flame-retardant, woven 100% Polyester, which can be safely sponged clean.

Our “Blackout” blind material is high-quality, 3 ply water-resistant PVC, flame-retardant, highly-opaque and also spongeable. It is semi-coated with PVC on both sides, which gives it added durability and water-resistant properties, and allows superb printing quality.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When sponging a blind, please ensure that only gentle and even pressure is used. The fabric should not be soaked as this will cause shrinkage. Never scrub or rub the fabric with

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