Why Buy Your Blinds from Luxury Blinds Direct?

Can I order fabric samples from the website before buying?

There are two types of fabric that we print on: a standard weight Panama fabric and a blackout fabric. Your local trade partner will have samples of both to show you in person after you arrange to Make an Appointment on the Luxury Blinds Direct website. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more or find your nearest Trade Partner.

Do you create blinds for businesses?

Whilst we can create blinds for business, the software we currently use was not specifically designed to handle logos which means achieving an exact colour match can be difficult. However, we can offer other printing services, so please get in touch if you would like more information.

Where do you manufacture my blinds?

We manufacture our blinds at our headquarters, Stevens (Scotland) Ltd. based in Brechin, Scotland.

Why buy your blinds from Luxury blinds direct?

Luxury Blinds Direct offers you a unique product and service. You can choose one of our pre-selected designs or create your own design. As we have full control of the manufacturing process and long established links with our trade partners based all over the country, we can ensure that the process from designing your blind to seeing it in your home is as smooth and effortless as possible.

Luxury Blinds Direct is the online department of Stevens (Scotland) Ltd., which has been manufacturing and supplying window blinds to the UK for over 44 years and are one of the leading suppliers to the window blind trade in the UK with over 1000 trade customers. These trade customers encompass the entire spectrum of our industry from high street multiples to local blind retailers.
Trade Partners

How do I know your trade partner is reputable and skilled at blinds installation?

Trade partners have been selected from our existing database of trade customers. A company will only be selected to join LBD after we are satisfied that they can carry out the work to our service and quality requirements.

Can I choose my own trade partner?

If there is a particular trade partner you would like to measure and fit your blinds, please get in touch with them directly and request their Trade Partner Discount Code for Luxury Blinds Direct. You can then use this Trade Partner Code when checking out on our website to get a 10% discount and ensure you get the trade partner you want. If the business you contact is not a trade partner of Luxury Blinds Direct, then they unfortunately will not have a Partner Code, so cannot be used to measure and fit your Luxury Blinds Direct order.

What is a Trade Partner Discount Code?

Each Trade Partner we work with will have a specific Trade Partner Code to identify them. If you visit one of our trade partners and they refer you to the Luxury Blinds Direct website, they should also give you their Partner Code for you to use when ordering with us.

What does a Trade Partner Discount Code do?

When you use your Trade Partner Discount Code on the Luxury Blinds Direct website, you are helping us to identify the trade partner who referred you, but you are also getting a 10% discount on all Luxury Blinds Direct products.

How do I use my Trade Partner Discount Code on the Luxury Blinds Direct website?

Once you have added blinds to your Appointment Card, you can visit your Appointment Card to add on the Trade Partner Discount Code. Simply type it into the Partner Code box on the Appointment Card, then click the Update button, and your code and 10% discount will be added to your order.

Can I use multiple Trade Partner Codes on one order?

No, you can only use one Trade Partner Code per order.

Can I reuse my Trade Partner Code?

Yes. There is no limit on how many times each partner code can be used.

Should I use the same Trade Partner Code for every order I make?

You can use the same Trade Partner Code each time, or different Trade Partner Codes with each order (if you are referred to us by multiple trade partners), and you will still get a 10% discount on each order. However, the Trade Partner code you use will determine which trade partner we use to measure and fit your blinds, so if you use a different Partner Code than usual, you will likely meet with a different trade partner

What if there is an issue with my Partner Code?

If you encounter issues with your Partner Code, e.g. if the discount isn’t being added correctly, then please get in touch with us directly at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk and we will do our best to help.
Photo Uploads

Do you have any restrictions on what type of images can be printed onto blinds?

Luxury Blinds Direct reserves the right to not print your image if we feel it is of an inappropriate or offensive nature. In addition, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they own the copyright of the image. We reserve the right to refuse your order if we feel that printing the image may contravene any copyright laws.

Can you add any effects to my photo before putting it on blinds?

Currently we do not add effects to photographs. However, we are looking into adding this option for our customers and will update the website when it becomes available.

How do I know what size the photo file has to be?

When uploading a photo or image to create photo blinds, please use a file that is 8MB or less. However, please be aware that images with a small file size may be poor quality when they are enlarged to the size of your blinds, but we will be in touch ASAP if this is the case, so you can choose a different photo.

I’m not sure how to upload a photo, can I email it to you instead?

Of course. Please refer to our Having Trouble Ordering page for further advice and help with ordering via email. For your convenience, we have created an online order form on the Having Trouble Ordering page; simply copy and paste it into your email, attach your photo and then email it direct to us at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk. Within 24 hours, we will send you an email visualisation of your new photo blinds.
Payment and Returns

Can I return my blinds?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of fully-functioning blinds, as all blinds are individually printed and manufactured to your exact specification.

What is your Refund Policy?

At Luxury Blinds Direct, all blinds are individually printed and manufactured to your exact specification, so refunds can only be given if there is a fault with the product. In the unlikely event that there is a fault with your blinds, please get in touch with the trade partner who installed the blinds. They will deal with any problems and organise replacement blinds if necessary. In the event the trade partner is unable to help you, please get in touch with our team here at Luxury Blinds Direct at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Can I pay by cash, card or Paypal?

As payment is to the trade partner, we do not take any Paypal payments. Typically, you can pay your trade partner with cash, cheque, debit or credit cards, but please ask your trade partner which payment methods they accept when they call to arrange your appointment.

When do I pay?

You only pay when the trade partner visits you to carry out the installation. This ensures that you don’t need to pay anything until you are 100% satisfied with your new blinds.
Our Products

How can I be sure my uploaded photo will look good on my blinds?

Before we print or manufacture your blind, we will send you an email with a PDF visualisation image of your photo or chosen image as it will appear on blinds. The proof will show your image scaled to the exact proportions of your window, so you have a clear idea of how they will look before your trade partner visits you.

If you would like any changes, our design team will work with you and offer alternative layouts, crops and background colours to make sure your design looks great. When you are completely satisfied with the finished proof, and we have received email confirmation from you, we will ask your local trade partner to visit you with a print-out of this proof and measure your window to make sure your blind will fit perfectly.

At the end of this visit your trade partner will confirm your order with the exact dimensions of your window and will arrange a time and date with you for installation.

How long should my blinds last?

Given the proper care blinds can last many years.

What material is used in the blinds?

The fabrics are 100% polyester and the hardware is a mixture of high grade aluminium and special design plastics.

Do my blinds come with a guarantee?

All blinds come with a one year guarantee subject to normal wear and tear.

Will the image be damaged if the blinds get wet?

Printed blinds are not suitable for wet environments, so we would not advise letting them get very wet. However, your blinds can be gently sponged with a little bit of water in order to clean them. Use a minimal amount of water on your cloth, never use detergents and only rub the printed area with a very gentle pressure.

Is the image printed on both side of the blinds?

We print on the inside of the blind as this side is less affected by sunlight.

Do the images fade in the sunlight?

Our roller blind products and printed images have a high resistance to fading. In order to extend the life of your blinds, most of our printing is done on the inside of the blind which is not as affected by sunlight. Over time, slight fading is to be expected but your blinds should look fantastic for years after purchase.

What is the best resolution for printing photos/images onto blinds?

Image resolution refers to the amount of detail the image holds, and when it comes to roller blinds, the ideal resolution will depend on the size of your blinds. A very large window blind would require an image of a high resolution; this is because the image will need to be stretched to fit the blind, so it will need to be of high quality otherwise it will become pixelated. A very small roller blind could use an image of a much lower resolution and still look good, because the image won’t have to be enlarged as much.

How accurate are the colour samples shown on your site?

Colours are as accurate as the screen on which they are being displayed. However our trade partners all carry full colour samples to ensure that you can select exactly the right colour.
Ordering & Delivery

Will I be able to see a mock-up of my new blinds first before they are created?

Certainly. We will send you an email with a visualisation of your design within one working day of you submitting your design to us. This visualisation will give you a preview of how your image will look on blinds.

What happens if I am not at home when the Trade Partner arrives with my blinds?

Your trade partner will make an appointment at your convenience to fit your new blinds. If for any reason you cannot keep that appointment please let the trade partner know in advance so that you can rearrange for another time.

Where can you deliver?

We deliver to your local trade partners, who are based all over the UK, from Orkney to the Channel Islands. If you have any concerns over whether we can reach you, please just get in touch at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk.

How much does delivery cost?

There is no extra charge for delivery; it is included in the overall price.

How are my blinds delivered to me?

Once your blinds are created, they will be sent to your local trade partner. Your trade partner will then hand-deliver and install your new blinds for you.

Roughly how long after ordering should my blinds be installed?

Printing, manufacturing and delivery to the trade partner will take up to 10 days. Installation will be arranged at your convenience with your trade partner.

How do I know that my order has been received?

Once you click on Make an Appointment within your Appointment Card, fill out your details and then click on Make an Appointment at the bottom of the page, you have have completed your order. You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been confirmed between Luxury Blinds Direct and your local trade partner, which should be within 24 hours. When you receive this email confirmation, your order has been received. Please allow up to 24 hours for this email.

How do I order my blinds?

You can order your blinds through the Luxury Blinds Direct website. Simply choose whether you want to upload a photo or choose an image from the Design Library, and then add your image to your Appointment Card.

When you have added all the designs you require, just click on the Make an Appointment button within your Appointment Card. After this, our team at Luxury Blinds Direct will create a visualisation of your new blinds and send it out in an email by the next working day. If you are happy with the preview of your blinds, your nearest trade partner will get in touch to arrange to visit your home and take an accurate measurement of your windows. They will also talk you through the various options they offer with your roller blinds, e.g. cassettes or motorised options.

After we receive the final measurements from your trade partner, we will confirm your order and begin printing up your blinds. The finished product will be delivered to your trade partner, who will then arrange a second meeting at your home. During this second meeting, your blinds will be professionally fitted and our trade partner will finalise payment.
Measuring & Fitting

How do I install my Blind?

Your trade partner will install your blind for you, so you can just sit back and relax. Fitting and installation is normally included as part of the service.

What if my measurements are wrong?

Don’t worry if your measurements end up wrong. When we ask you to enter measurements before making your appointment, this is really just to provide us with a general idea of the window size. Your trade partner will finalise the window measurements when they arrange an initial appointment with you. If it turns out your window is completely different to the measurements you have supplied online, there may be a slight delay as we will have to re-visualise your blind design for you and send you another proof.

What is the difference between a recess and exact fitting?

A blind that is fitted within the window recess will be about the same size as the window, and it will fill the window area. A blind that is fitted outside of the recess is normally referred to as an exact fitting, and is attached to the wall above the window, covering both the window and part of the wall on either side of the recess. Choosing which fitting to go with can depend on a number of factors but usually comes down to aesthetics; which look do you prefer? Please refer to our article on measuring and fitting window blinds in our Tips & Advice section for full details on the difference between a recess and exact fit.

How do I measure my window accurately for blinds?

Please refer to our article on measuring and fitting window blinds in our Tips & Advice section for full details on how to measure your window for roller blinds. Don’t worry though, the measurements you enter on our website are for guideline purposes only. Your local trade partner will take accurate measurements of your window on their initial visit.
General Problems

What do I do if I have a problem with my new blinds?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your new blinds, please contact your trade partner and they will be happy to re-visit you to assess and rectify the problem. In the event the trade partner is unable to help you, please get in touch with our team here at Luxury Blinds Direct at enquiries@luxuryblindsdirect.co.uk. This does not affect your statutory rights.
Child Safety

How do I make my blinds safer?

Our trade partner will discuss this with you at the time of measuring your product and will advise the best solution to ensure the safety of any children in the home. Something as simple as moving furniture away from your printed photo blinds can make the environment safer, as children will not feel tempted to climb. For more detailed information, please take a look at our Child Safety page.

How safe are blinds with young children and animals?

Child and pet safety is a top priority for us, which is why all blinds we supply are manufactured to the highest child safety standards. Every blind will be delivered with a cord safety device, so that the danger of dangling cords is removed. For more detailed information, please take a look at our Child safety page. Your trade partner can also explain the details of child and pet safety when they visit you.