5 Tips For Personalising Your Home

  1. Try upholstering your own sofa

Leather Upholstery It’s a lot less daunting than you might think to upholster sofas and chairs; if you have a staple gun and a fabric you love, you can put together something pretty impressive. You can choose the exact fabric you want, plus you can guarantee no one else will have the same furniture as you! You can even save some money on a brand new sofa by buying from a charity shop and upcycling. You could even match the fabric of your new sofa to your newly designed blinds, which brings us to our next tip…

  1. Design your own blinds

A great way to add a touch of personalisation is to design your own blinds – you can use family photographs or scan in some of your children’s beautiful art work to make your blinds add a personal touch to your home. It’s a unique way to get creative and get the blinds you really want. If you’re struggling to find roller blinds that work with your interior, we suggest matching your new blinds to your wallpaper or upholstery. Find out how here.Family photo blind

If you have any more creative ideas for designing your blinds or want to show us yours, please contact us or comment below.

  1. Have professional Family photos taken

If you want to personalise your home, we think there’s nothing better than having photos of the ones who make your house a home. Professional photos may be pricey, but they capture memories in a way that makes them priceless. Why not try asking the photographer to photograph you spending time together doing what you most enjoy, whether that’s playing in the park, baking, watching movies or reading stories – it’s great to get some photographs of real memories together.

  1. Let the little ones in your life paint a wall

We know it sounds a bit daunting – but go with us here – you could end up with something unique Little Girl Painting
and beautiful. If you’d like a feature wall with a difference, or a way to make your kids feel their room is their own, why not let them paint? Pick colours that work with your colour scheme and talk through some ideas with them, you’ll likely be surprised at their great ideas! Make your home a memory and get the kids involved. If the worst happens and it looks awful you can always wallpaper over it later. We’d recommend finding safe paints, waiting until your little ones are old enough to not try to ingest the paint and making sure the room you use is very well ventilated before starting.

  1. Paint some furniture and add personal touches

We love upcycling, it’s eco-friendly and you can make some really great pieces of furniture through showing your current furniture a bit of love instead of buying new. It’s really simple to paint your furniture; if it’s real wood, simply sand down the current varnish and get going with some wood safe paint. Add personal touches by painting important dates like birthdays and anniversaries to your furniture, or why not recycle something meaningful to you by covering some of your furniture with maps of places you love or adding musical pieces that have inspired you along the way?